Video Marketing for a Business Growth

Social media marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. It is rapidly replacing traditional advertising by targeting audiences directly with content that they care about. And most of this content is delivered with video.

Facebook and other social media platforms are allowing businesses to target advertisements about their products and services directly to their customers.  Highway 89 Media is an experienced, quality, full service Video Production Company in Utah. We serve customers in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo and beyond.

Marketing gurus and experts all agree that video marketing has one of the highest ROI for your business. The majority of new customers will watch short videos of your products and read the reviews before buying. So, a video of your product on your website and social media pagessignificantly increases your conversion opportunities. Highway 89 Media has created numerous types of videos; including tutorials, reviews, and marketing campaigns for various local, national and international businesses. We work closely with all our clients to develop an engaging video which portrays a clear message about your products and services. Videos allow your new and existing customers to form an emotional memory with your product via the experience of watching a video. As emotional response is one of the leading factors in making a buying decision, an effective video significantly increases the buying odds.

To create our effective video marketing campaigns, Highway 89 Media has assembled one of the most professional, experienced, and dedicated staffs in the state of Utah. We have some of the best actors, directors and editors among the various video production companies in Salt Lake City, Utah. The decision to make a video for your products carries a significant cost. With Highway 89 Media, your investment is safe and will bring you higher returns. When a visitor watches your video online, Google is calculates how much time an average visitor spends on your website. The longer time they spend, the higher your website is listed in the search engine results! According to a research;

“Your business is 53 times more likely to listed at the top of search engine results if you have a video embedded on your website”

As the number of mobile users grows, so does the number of people who prefer their information in a mobile friendly manner. Videos are a useful medium to convey your message to people on the go. There are many different proven ways to create a successful new video. You can have real people offering testimonials, actors demonstrating your product or services, and company employees giving their expertise in your video. On the other hand, many businesses also opt for animated video option.  Highway 89 Media has many animation, design and editing experts who are equipped to make your video marketing campaign effective. We are one of top rated video production companies in Salt Lake City, and Ogden, Utah.

Highway 89 Media provide high quality and affordable video marketing solutions for all types of businesses. Videos which hit the right emotional chords can generate thousands of views and shares. When a video takes off on social media, the money spent on the production becomes a solid investment in your business. To discuss your ideas and plans for your next viral video campaign call or email us today!