Highway 89 Media has been helping many small to medium business owners in Ogden communicate their vision through video. We work with our clients from day one. From concept creation to the final editing, we strive to keep our clients in the loop. Video production is a team effort, and we work with clients until they’re fully satisfied. The completed video will be professionally crafted and will deliver on your business and marketing strategies.

Video marketing has been gaining popularity among experts as one of the cost effective marketing tools. Video might cost a bit more than other marketing methods initially, buts the payout is far more rewarding than any other marketing method. Highway 89 Media specializes in making video content for social media, tutorials for products, and viral videos for all types of budgets and businesses.

How are we different from other companies?

When meeting with a new client, the first question we ask is about thePurpose of the video: We have years of experience in the video business. Our producers, directors and editors have extensive experience in making virtually every type of videos you can imagine; for personal and commercial purposes. We will sit with you and work you to understand your business completely and will work within your budget to create a video to convey your message to your customers. We want you to understand that video is the best way for conveying certain ideas and messages and that we are a creative and caring partner.

Production process: After preproduction planning comes the exciting production part. We will work with you to choose actors, refine the script, and find a filming location. We will determine how big of a crew is needed as well as what specialized filmmaking equipment. We will always go back our core strategy to keep your production on budget and ensure its effectiveness for your business. The production team of Highway 89 Media will travel anywhere to gather theraw material for your video.

Final Editing Process: After the production is wrapped, we go back inside our studios and start the creative process of editing. Ideas are woven together to follow the initial script, and we will work and re-work it until we are happy with the result. If you desire any changes, we’re here to accommodate.

After everything has been finalized, we will deliverto you for its final delivery to the public. If desired, we will work to promote your video and monitor its performance for as long as you wish. We will continue to improve and refine the performance and viewership of your video and strive to make it a successful viral video.

To find out more about our video production services in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah, please call801-866-9050 and book a free consultation today!