Marketing Video Production in Utah

Video marketing is increasingly popular among many business owners. In this social media age, short video ads and campaigns are one of the most effective methods to get your message across to your customers. Highway 89 Media is one of the top rated video production company in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah. We have produced some of the highest quality videos which have reached record numbers of views for our clients.

There are many different types of videos we can make to get the message across to customers. Some of them are; videos about your products, sales videos, humorousviral videos regarding your business and video blogs. These above-mentioned videos are easily searchable and visible in the search engine results. Video marketing can entertain people and make them smile which will leave customers with a positive feeling about your business.

At Highway 89 Media we specialize in producing all types of videos. We have created product tutorials, short video ads, and corporate documentaries for our Salt Lake City clients. Our videos are always planned, scripted, edited, and released with your target audience in mind.

Why do businesses need a video ad for their products are services?

There are multiple advantages for having a video marketing campaign for your business. To start with, statistics can answer this question. Today, video clips are one of the most watchedmedia around the world. YouTube gets around 4 billion views everyday! Each day, there are millions of videos being shared on Facebook and Twitter. Videos are effective. That’s why everyone wants to make a video about their product to put on their website or feature at a tradeshow. People look and tend to buy more products after they have seen a well-made video of that product.

Another advantage of online video ads is the instant feedback. After watching the video, people leave their comments about how they felt after the video. They click the “like” and “unlike” buttons. These important comments and instant feedback tell us about the performance of the video ad in real time. At Highway 89 Media, we always listen to the your customers. We note the feedback to create more effective future videos for your campaign.

Unlike TV or print ads which are taken off after the payment is finished, videos on the internet are there forever. These video ads could be search, shared, and viewed anytime by you and your customers. Therefore, these video ads are cost effective for businesses over time.These online video ads also have your website links embedded in description and on the video. Customers watching these videos can instantly click on your business website links and purchase your products. This instant access allows for a higher probability for people to buy your product at that moment.

About Highway 89 Media:

For all our videos, we use professional and experience people. Our writers, directors, actors, makeup, lighting, and camera personnel have been working in the advertising and production industries for years. We have made many short video ads which are streamed on YouTube and other social media sites. These videos are challenging and exciting to make which makes their success even better for us and our clients.

Properly planned and edited video ads are incredibly effective at getting yourmessage across to your customers. We have made numerous successful video campaigns which are concise, well produced, andcarry a clear call to action message (if needed). Many businesses in Utah, have enjoyed these entertaining and effective video campaigns.

Highway 89 Media has great Google and Yelp customer reviews. You can see our previous work under the “Our Work” tab. Our previously satisfied clients have been referring us to their friends and other businesses in their network. For more information about how your business can get ahead by working with Highway 89 Media call, email or connect with us on any of our social media platforms.