Highway 89 Media specializes in corporate video productions for all types of businesses. Video marketing is steadily gaining popularity among businesses and corporations. We discussed with our corporate video production team in Ogden and Salt Lake City about tips and common pitfalls in this emerging trend. Here are some of the key tips.
Trying to put too much into one video:
We have seen this in businesses and people who are making their first video product. People get overly enthusiastic and want to show the customers any and everything. This leads to a video which is overloaded with information. Such videos either become overwhelming or too long to keep the customer’s attention. The best videos make one or two key points without becoming too long. This brings us to our second point.
Understand the basic purpose of your video
We love those clients who know what they want and those who know what theydon’t want in a video. A clear understanding on the part of the client helps our video production team focus their efforts on excellent production for your corporate video, based on your specific marketing needs. We can help tailor your idea into the most effective video possible.
A video ad can be a true representation of your corporate environment and values. Customers can see and connect to the company and product in a much more meaningful way.
Know your target audience
When you know your audience, we can write scripts, develop strategies and concepts for your video aimed at that specific demographic. The focus of the video will be to address the needs of the customer and how your product or company can address this in a meaningful manner.
Highway 89 Media helps our clients distinguish between important content and noise. We will help you identify your target market, what makes them stop and pay attentionand also what they don’t like. We will develop a final marketing strategy which focuses on your end user. Our videos will not only feature your product and service, but will also focus on how it will improve the lives of your customer.
One of the challenges faced during video planning is to create content which is relevant among a wide ranging audience, including both the younger and the older generation. Highway 89 Media smartly uses various techniques to accomplish this task. Our corporate video production team includes simple fonts in bold colors, interesting mix of camera angles and shots along with attention worthy background music. These small details make a corporate video resonate compassionately among its customers of all ages and interest.
Cater your video to a specific platform
YouTube is not the only video viewing platform anymore. There are multiple social media platforms to share your corporate video ads. Facebook, Instagram and its latest initiative have evolved video marketing into a corporate necessity.
Highway 89 Media team works with our corporate clients to create video ads catering to specific platform. There are various types of corporate videos, such as interviews with the prominent figures, product tutorials, promotional business videos, new services and operations training videos. Our team can create content for all types of corporate video marketing needs. Our marketing and video production teams work together so you can enjoy the best results for each video published on various platforms.
YouTube is a great platform for longer and detailed videos about products and services. We have the liberty to create content with more information. On the other hand, videos created for social media platforms are created with bolder and targeted approach. These shorter videos are created to capture and hold the attention of the customer till the end of the message.
Video marketing has proved to be one of the most effective marketing methods in the age of social media. With one ad, businesses are able to connect with their clients and demonstrate their products and services. Videos are a very effective tool to emotionally engage with their customers. A positive rapport and emotional connection allows the business to thrive in a strict competitive market.
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