Web Video Production

Most video today is produced for the web. The shift to web video production has also changed the way we conceive, produce and market video content. The days of DVD delivery are long gone. So, too, are the days of long marketing videos. For your web video, we recommend a length of 1-3 minutes, max. Viewers are busier and less engaged in watching your videos uninterrupted. It is far more likely that they will watch your video content on a phone or mobile device. It is also likely that they will be multi-tasking while watching, so your video content has to be engaging and sticky… meaning that it gives the viewer something to remember… a message to take away. It also must stand out from the clutter of today’s world of unlimited content and the barrage of marketing messages.

How do we do this? By picking a single, clear message to deliver and then creating a video that is dramatically better from today’s run-of-the-mill web videos. It has to be a little jarring and unexpected, which is where our creativity comes in. We keep the pacing fast and the messaging simple. We also know that just uploading your video to YouTube or your company website isn’t enough to create a buzz. We guide you in the distribution of your video through all of today’s social media channels. We help you cross promote it on multiple websites and platforms. By spreading your message far and wide, we will help you create engagement with potential customers. And engagement leads to sales.