Branded Content Production in Utah

One of the hottest advertising trends today is branded content or branded entertainment. Simply put, companies create compelling story content that resonates with people and subtly creates an emotional link with their brand. The idea is to start a conversation around a product, service, or set of values.


“Branded content (also known as branded entertainment) is a form of advertising that uses the generating of content as a way to promote the particular brand which funds the content’s production.”

Perhaps the best way to use branded entertainment is to create a mini documentary about an inspiring person, exciting event, or noble value and then subtly brand it with a logo, credit or imaginative uses of the product within the video. The goal is to create buzz and positive emotional connections for the company by entertaining or inspiring consumers.


Here are a few of the top examples from 2016 from an article in Adweek…

The Renewal Project — The Atlantic + Allstate

Allstate and The Atlantic have jumped well beyond the typical branded content campaign to launch a new website and newsroom tasked with covering people and organizations “advancing social good and contributing to civic innovation in America.” The ambitious project also includes a series of local events around the country, an awards show and a sponsored editorial series on

Defy Hunger Together — The Wall Street Journal + Mini

Faced with the reality that millions of Americans face hunger or food insecurity each year, Mini teamed with Feeding America and The Wall Street Journal’s Custom Studios to tour the country and feature the people and programs combatting the issue. Fifteen days and over 4,000 miles later, the end result is a compelling series of stories, statistics and videos that humanized the problem and helped raise donations for the cause.

The Water Diviner — Complex + Under Armour

This phenomenal piece of custom content profiles a typical day in the life of the world’s most-decorated Olympian in history, Michael Phelps. The stunning low-light visuals and top-notch writing about Phelp’s daily routine make this piece a must-see.

At Highway 89 Media, we have three decades of experience in creating short and long form documentary videos that get attention. We work with you to identify the perfect storyline for branded content and then our team of award-winning professionals gets to work. These videos are short and sweet… two to five minutes is usually best.

A great example is a project we did for a custom home remodeler in Utah. We documented the restoration of a historic home and created a mini-d0cumentary that followed the process and told the history of the house along with the thought that went into the remodel. Spread across the company’s website and social media platforms, the video subtly creates an impression of the quality and professionalism that the company brings to all of its projects.

Link to video here:

Creativity and imagination are the keys to finding a new way to tell your story. Let Highway 89 Media show you what branded content can do for your business and image. In the process, we can increase your bottom line and create good will for your brand.